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Vasilis grew up in Crete. Since his first years in life, his purpose was becoming more apparent. In between the pots and pans, his family's organic agricultures and raised by the sea, he grew up to be a person deeply connected to nature. He perceives each season as a new opportunity to get to know cretan nature. Vasilis likes to fish, collect local wild grasses, herbs and mushrooms, cultivates his own organic vegetables, he has a citrus garden as well as his own olive grove from which he produces organic olive oil and he makes sure to use all of these as his raw material. He also loves to experiment with fermentations (sourdough, kombucha, vegetables, fruit) and he collects sea salt. He has a small farm with hens and a rooster, which provide him with eggs every morning and he has a small goat that gives him fresh milk. All of these are very recent projects, because despite his young age, he has a substantial career in the gastronomy field. Since he was 17, he has worked in several internationally awarded fine dining restaurants, next to renowed greek chefs that experiment with Greek, Cretan, Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisine. He has participated in seminars about wine tasting,vegeterian, vegan, raw and healthy food. He was assistant chef for 3 years in a series of seminars by world famous chef Alain Ducasse in Greece and Cyprus.  In his own words:
"Since I was a kid, my passion was good food and nature. Very quickly I realised that I shouldn't go against what my heart desires. That is to offer what I love and admire to other people and see joy spread in their face. I would like my guest to experience Cretan nature and Cretan gastronomy like I do, through each bite that I offer."


Eva was born and raised in Athens, by cretan parents. The first steps in her life started in her family's bakery. She used to study by the bain-marie, bewitched by the smell of chocolate next to her mother who was making pastry and slept on bags of sugar at Christmas because the bakery was very busy.
Growing up she made a career in public relations and communications, but everything inside her was yearning for Crete. Everything inside her was yearning for sea, nature, flavors.. aromas! So, in 2005 she made the big decision to move to the place where she was not born, but where she wanted to grow old at.
She left her career and her big office in Athens and since then, she spends her life in Rethymnon enjoying her biggest passions, her children, nature and cooking. She wanted her children's life to be filled with aromas of cinnamon and gillyflower, and taste like chocolate, just like hers.
Now she is Eva... the version of herself that she always aspired to be.

In her own words:
"Now, looking back in time, at my recipes, I can see how much I was mesmerised by the flow and creativity, sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes perched on a chair searching for the perfect angle for a photo, on the laptop working on recipes, getting involved in Gastronomic events, forums, seminars, discussions. Living like an alternative Alice in the land of flavors."

The last five years she has been hosting her own daily cooking show called "Mamma Mia" in a Cretan local channel.

Since June 2020, she has been a part of Star Channel's team on national tv. She has been working with many cooking magazines and sites. Eva has her own Youtube channel and a website with recipes and cooking tips. She is cook books writer. has also been a lecturer in various cooking and baking seminars of cooking schools. cook book writer.

Mother of three and aficionado of well-being, quality food and food collecting.

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Marios grew up in Crete. Raised in a household in which family dinners were a priority he developed an aptitude for communication at a very young age. He was usually the one to invite friends over and together with his family made sure to create memorable gastronomic experiences for them. Nature lover, mushroom hunter and fisherman, he has avid interest in local wines and spirits. He is the person in charge of the Cretan Gastronomy farm and crops and he makes sure to have the best quality raw materials brought to your table, as if he were preparing dinner for his friends. Apart from his studies, he has attended cooking, pastry and wine sommelier seminars. His easy going and communicative nature, his broad smile and good mood are some of the traits our guests have distinguished and loved about him.