Comfort menu

You choose
2 appetizers
1 salad
1 main dish
1 dessert


・Tzatziki ** 
・Cretan sausages
・Mini cheese pies **
・Mini spinach pies **
・"Sfougato" Omelette with zucchini, potatoes and feta cheese **
・Eggplant “saganaki” with fresh tomato sauce, feta and “graviera” cheese **
・Fried pleurotus mushrooms *


traditional barley rusk with tomato, feta cheese, oregano, extra virgin olive oil**
・"Chaniotiki salad" with tomato, zucchini, potato, greens,o nion, egg, mini rusk, Extra virgin olive oil**
・Greek salad**
・Boiled vegetables with tomato sauce*

Main dishes

・“Briam” mixed vegetables in the oven with tomatoes, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil *
・"Giouvetsi" beef with orzo and tomato
・ Meatballs with tomato sauce, rice and Greek yoghurt
・Fresh green beans with potato, zucchini and tomato sauce*
・“Tsigariasto” pork with fried rustick potatoes
・Rooster cooked in wine and tomato sauce with fried rustick potatoes and “anthotiro” cheese
・Chicken cooked in tomato sauce with “chilopites” pasta and “anthotiro” cheese


・Chocolate mosaic cake
・Sfakian pie with thyme honey
・Greek yoghurt with sour cherry spoon sweet
・Fresh fruits

* Vegan
** Vegeterian


Wine pairing

All of our menus can be accompanied by high quality wines of Greek,Cretan and International varieties, curated by our somelier

How it works

1. you choose the menu
2. we buy the ingredients
3. we cook for you
4. we clean up